Looking for something fun to do with the kids that's also educational? Our NASCAR activities for kids focus on STEM but bring the fun of racing to learning.

Check out the activities below from designing a race car to playing educational games.

design and drive
Think you have what it takes to design a winning race car? Try out your skills with Design & Drive, where you can make your own race car. Learn how aerodynamics play a part in designing a car that will land in Gatorade Victory Lane.
game station

The Acceleration Nation Game Station is the place for NASCAR trivia, testing your driving skills on a virtual road course, or finding your driver match. There's fun for all ages with word search, crossword puzzle, tire maze, and word scramble.

acceleration nation

Acceleration Nation is the place where your kids' passion for racing meets learning. With games, videos, and more, Acceleration Nation gives kids the chance to learn the science behind their favorite sport.