Traditions, Families and Racing Come Together at Track Takeover Driven by AAA

Richard Childress and Austin Dillon to Appear at Track Takeover Driven by AAA at Richmond International Raceway

Austin Dillon

Put your feet to the pavement on RIR's historic track surface and hear all the stories Richard Childress and Austin Dillon have to share.


The No. 3. One of the most iconic numbers in all of NASCAR. A number that fans adore and honor. The number that links a grandson to his Pop Pop forever.

Richard Childress and Austin Dillon are more than just car owner and driver. They’re family; Pop Pop and grandson. Linked together by their love for NASCAR and a number, Richard and Austin share an inseparable bond. And now TOYOTA OWNERS 400 ticketholders can be a part of that bond when the duo headlines Track Takeover Driven by AAA!

“I think that’s the great part about NASCAR, it’s such a family sport,” said Childress, Chief Executive Officer of Richard Childress Racing. “To be able to see my number ran by my grandson today is unbelievable. I’ll go sign a postcard with an old picture of my No. 3, and I’ll take a look over there, and see that No. 3 with Austin Dillon’s name on it; that’s a great feeling.”

“It’s very special any time you can be connected with your family in what you do in your everyday life,” said Dillon, driver of the No. 3 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. “This is not only our family business, but it’s what we love to do. It’s awesome to have that tradition and that family atmosphere at the track.”

Their new partnership with AAA Mid-Atlantic was a natural fit for Childress and Dillon. AAA takes care of drivers, much like the No. 3 pit crew takes care of Austin during a race. Drivers need a great team behind them, and AAA provides that for all customers. AAA and RCR are two iconic brands on the road and the track.

“I am proud to be partnering with AAA for the NASCAR season,” said Dillon. “What they do for drivers made them a natural fit for us. As a driver, I certainly understand the value of having a great team that keeps you on the road. That’s why AAA makes so much sense as a partner.”

“AAA is a leader in helping drivers get to where they need to go,” said Childress. “At RCR, we’re thrilled to be with such an iconic brand and established brand like AAA.”

These two have many great memories together. From winning championships to special races, they have stories waiting to be told. You can hear these special stories with your own family when Richard and Austin stop by Track Takeover Driven by AAA on Sunday, April 24th. All TOYOTA OWNERS 400 ticketholders are invited to this one-of-a-kind experience on RIR’s track surface prior to the race. You can hear Richard and Austin’s stories, and then see the place where it actually happened! Put your feet on the pavement at RIR, and make new memories with your family that will last for generations.

You’ll hear about Austin’s favorite at-track memory with his family winning the 2012 NASCAR XFINITY Series championship with all his family by his side. Or, Richard’s favorite when Austin won the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Championship and the race at Iowa. Better yet, hear who Richard and Austin think will win a race between the two of them!

“I hope my car owner would choose his best driver: ME,” said Dillon. “If I couldn’t beat him, he would be driving.”

“I think the gene skipped over me and went to him and his brother,” said Childress. “He would probably beat me.”

But not without a little bump.

“He would probably wreck me, though. He’s pretty aggressive,” added Dillon.

“I’d probably have to move him out the way to win,” said Childress.

A family full of racers, Dillon is not the only grandson Childress has out on the track. Ty Dillon, Austin’s younger brother, is the driver of the No. 3 in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Austin and Ty are both very competitive and race together often, which makes Pop Pop a little nervous at times.

“You can’t pick which one over the other. I want both of them to go out and do a good job, and I know they’ll do a great job and support our sport like they always have,” said Childress. “It’s just great to watch both of them race. I get a little nervous when they’re racing close together; I’ve got to tell you that.”

“He does have a new deal though,” said Dillon. “Whoever out qualifies the other, he has to stand on the grid with the highest qualifying brother on raceday. There’s a little incentive to qualifying for me and Ty for sure.”

Following in Richard’s footsteps, both Austin and Ty have set goals of winning championships in the sport they all love. They are all bonded together by family ties, traditions, and racing.

“It’s pretty amazing today to see where both of these young men have come from, and where their goals are to win championships in NASCAR,” said Childress. “They won in everything they have been in, and I expect to win this year with Austin, and I know he’ll do it. No pressure on him; they put pressure on themselves.”

So, come out to Track Takeover Driven by AAA and listen to all the great stories these two have. A family rooted in traditions and racing, you will not want to miss this!

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